About Us

Welcome to the Windy & Wallflower Shop!

Windy & Wallflower is a collaborative effort between two queer creators: Winter and Tas. Currently situated in Montreal, Canada, our main focus is on comics and storytelling, as well as self publishing and printing our own works. We also love designing pins, especially ones that are based on our interests–if you like anything Greek Mythology or prehistoric, well, so do we! You can check out our main site here to find out more.

This is our main storefront online, where you can get a hold of our pins, books, comics and more! We hope you’ll enjoy our works! Happy shopping!

Tas (Windy) is from Calgary, Alberta and has always been doodling comics and characters since childhood. She loves creating fun, colourful characters and worlds to entertain the reader and maybe even put a smile on their face. Her stories often involve her interests such as music, or dinosaurs, and sometimes those things together. You can find her website here.

Winter (Wallflower) is from Montreal, Quebec and dabbles in just about any kind of storytelling, be it writing, comics and even animation. They have a wonderful ability to invite you into their worlds and immerse you for as long as you need, with gorgeous poetic writing and emotional journeys. You can find their website here.

Ghost & Pepper are the very important interns/supervisors (it depends on the day) of this whole operation. You can be sure every package is quality checked by them (whether we wanted it to be or not).

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