Frequently Asked Questions

What currency does this site use?

All prices are in Canadian Dollar (CAD).

Do you accept PayPal?

We do not accept PayPal at this time.

When will [X] item be restocked?

We always try to restock as soon as possible, but sometimes that can take a while due to process time/budget/etc. Some products that don’t sell well will not be restocked when they run out.

Is there a way I can find out when a certain item is restocked?

Currently we have no automated system for this, but if you check our twitter we usually announce there when items are back on the shop there.

Do you have the tracking for my order?

If you selected a tracked shipping option during checkout, yes. If not, no.

When will my order arrive?

Depends on where it’s going. All of our orders are shipped from Canada. Typically you can expect:

  • Canadians: Between 3-7 days.
  • Americans: Between 7-14 days.
  • Everywhere else: Between 2-3 weeks.

Our shipping options at checkout will also give an estimated time depending on what service you choose. However, we always ask for a couple weeks leeway to allow the post some time in case they are backed up.

My order hasn’t arrived, what do I do?

If it’s been a long enough time and you still don’t have your order, please refer to the refund policy and contact us.

My order came in damaged, what do I do?

Please refer to the refund policy and contact us.

Will you ever print a pin of [x Greek God, planet, etc]

Maybe. We don’t often take customer requests, as these pins have to be designed for our liking and to sell. However, if enough people ask for the same thing, we will definitely consider it.

Can you make a specific pin/print/product for me?

Generally, no. We have a minimum order quantity for most products, so it’s not feasible for us to create just one.

Is there a special deal/bundle on multiple items?

All our prices are listed as they are on the site. If there there is no deal visible for multiple items, then no. (Generally, the only bundle deals we have are on large sets of pins).

I ordered something that’s a preorder, when can I expect it to arrive?

We will include the estimated shipping time in the description of the product. If this ends up changing at all, we will contact you to let you know. Please note: if you are not in Canada and have a preordered item to your order, we will not ship out all the items in your order until we can also send the preordered item (basically, it all won’t ship out until the estimated time). For most Canadian orders, we can ship it separately.

Will you ever make any discontinued products again?

Short answer is: maybe. Long answer is: it really depends on what the item is. If it’s an older version of something, then it’s not likely. But even if something is currently discontinued, it doesn’t mean we won’t revisit it sometime.

Your question not answered? Feel free ask us here.