Product Catalogue

AKA: Did you guys make this?

Little Mad Hattie2013Discontinued
Winter’s Zines: Thanatophobia, ObjectHeads, Sleepin’ with Fishes Circus2013Discontinued
The Inventor’s Daughter2014Discontinued
The Myth about Myths: Greek Gods zine2014Discontinued
Violins 2nd Edition2014Discontinued
The Sanity Circus Issues 1-42015Discontinued
The Myth about Myths: Primordial Greek Gods Zine2015Discontinued
The Suitcase Circus Concept Zine2015Discontinued
The Myth about Myths: Greek Heroes Zine2015Discontinued
The Myth about Myths: Greek Ladies Zine2015Discontinued
The Marching Band of the Dinosaurs (First Edition)2016Discontinued
The MaM: Greek Gods 2nd Edition2016Discontinued
BadMouth – The SPX Teaser2016Discontinued
VVV Trilogy SPX teaser zines2016Discontinued
The MaM: Primordial Greek Gods 2nd Edition, Greek Heroes 2nd Edition, Greek Titans, Greek Lovers2017Discontinued
Prism Knights: Coquelicot (First edition)2017Discontinued
The Marching Band of the Dinosaurs (2nd Edition)2017Out of print
Butcher Bird: Goretober Zine2017Out of print
Dinovember 2016 Zine2017Discontinued
BadMouth: Ouverture2017Out of print
Blackbird Pin2017Available
VVV Trilogy (Violins 3rd Edition)2017Available
The Sanity Circus Volume 12017Available
Sanity Circus Pins: SpyCrow2017Discontinued
Sanity Circus pins: Mrs. F2017Discontinued
Bonebed pins: Archaeopteryx2017Available
Bonebed pins: Tyrannosaurus2017Discontinued
Yum pin2017Available
The Universe Collection: Jupiter & Saturn (First Edition)2017Discontinued
The Sanity Circus Artbook2018Out of print
The Sanity Circus character charms2018Discontinued
The MaM: Greek Beasts & Monsters2018Discontinued
Delicious pin2018Available
Dinovember 2017 zine2018Discontinued
The Universe Collection: The Solar System pinset (first edition)2018Discontinued
Bonebed pins: Microraptor2018Available
Bonebed pins: Aerodactylus2018Available in Silver
Prism Knights: Velvet (First edition)2018Discontinued
A Tempo2018Out of print
Prism Knights: Sapphire (First edition)2018Discontinued
The Myth about Myths: Greek Mythology omnibus2019Out of print
Dino Days2019Out of print
Paint the Town Red Volume 1.12019Available
Suck It pin2019Discontinued
Bite Me pin2019Discontinued
Vampire/Werewolf Lover/Fucker patches2019Available
Prism Knights: Bronze (First edition)2019Discontinued
Greek Myth Collection: Olympians pinset (First edition)2019Select Available
Greek Myth Collection: Tiny Heroes pinset2019Available
The Universe Collection: The Solar System pinset (second edition)2019, 2020Available
JAMS pinset2019, 2020Available
Paint the Town Red Volume 1 (reprint of 1.1)2020Available
Myth Retold: Iphigenia (Special Edition)2020Available
Myth Retold: Medusa (Special Edition)2020Out of print
The Greek Myth Collection: Olympians Pinset (second edition)2020, 2021Available
Myth Retold: Atalanta2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: The Underworld pinset2021Available
Myth Retold: Medusa2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: Titans of Tartarus pinset2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: Cursed Mortals pinset2021Available
Greek Myth Collection: Mini Monsters pinset2021Available
Paint the Town Red Volume 22021Available
The Magic Word2021Available
Sapphic & Achillean pins2021Available
Prism Knights 2nd Editions2021-2022Available
Extinction Zine2021Out of print
Prism Knights: Juniper2021Available
King’s Grave Woven Blanket2021-2022Available
Smoochquest Zine2022Available
Prism Knights: Lamplight2022Available